Pacific Institute of Technology (PIT)

Mission Statement

 The mission of Pacific Institute of Technology is to offer quality,  career-centric educational programs to individuals within the  communities it serves, providing them with the academic support, student  services, and personal encouragement they need to complete their  programs of study and to enter their chosen fields of employment as  qualified professionals.  

Our Commitment

 To be an Equal Opportunity educational institution offering access and  opportunity to all students, promoting their success and encouraging  maximization of their potential. 

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In  keeping with the needs and backgrounds of its students and the changing  communities it serves, the faculty and administration of the College  are dedicated to accomplishing the following objectives:         

  • Provide specialized  educational services on the college level for the Atlanta area and  beyond. This objective is reached by offering programs that incorporate  quality and intensified degree programs preparing graduates with  competitive technical, business and professional skills.
  • Provide  in-depth educational programs that give primary emphasis to business,  technical, creative and professional education for direct entry into the  job market.
  • Provide graduates with qualifications for securing  the type of education that will enable them to make changes and  advancements in their jobs.
  • Assist employers by providing qualified workers who are educated in the professional and technical skills needed.
  • Assist  the graduate in securing gainful employment in the graduate’s initial  position and in future positions according to the graduate’s abilities,  interests, and skills.
  • Provide career education at the college level, thus preparing students for technical and business careers.