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Certificate Programs

Pacific Institute of Technology offers Certificate programs in various areas of Information Technology. All PIT programs are structured towards meeting the information technology needs of diverse corporations in the field of database management, application development, administration and support. This objective is reflected in course outlines, learning outcomes and computer labs. All program objectives are reviewed yearly to ensure that they meet the needs of a changing corporate environment that moves along with the information processing needs of corporations.

A.     Information Management Program


Information derived from data is important to the management, productivity and differentiation of an organization. Data must be efficiently collected, organized, retrieved and managed to make it meaningful to the organization. It is the role of the information technology professional to develop, deploy, manage and integrate data and information systems to support the organization. This knowledge area includes the collection, organization, modeling, transformation, presentation, safety and security of the data and information. Students who possess this body of knowledge and who decide to specialize in this area will help organizations manage data and databases as Database Administrators, Data Architects, Data Modelers and Data Analysts.

Students can choose from any of the following concentrations under this program:

  • Oracle Database Management
  • SQL Server Database Management

B.     Certificate in System Administration & Management


Course Area Minimum Credits
Career Concentration 30
Career Development  9
Total 39

The maintenance and deployment of computer systems in production environments requires significant effort. This program contains operational principles that apply across technologies. It is intended for students who will provide planning, sizing, designing, deployment and maintenance of information technology infrastructures ranging from operating systems (Windows or UNIX), storage systems. It will equip them with the fundamentals of building and maintaining IT infrastructures that support applications. The program covers the essentials for effective administration and maintenance of applications’ operating systems, networks and security. It also considers the need for IT system documentation, policies and procedures and the education and support of the users of these systems. Upon successful completion of this program, students are prepared to become entry-level Unix Systems Administrators, Microsoft Windows Systems Administrators, Microsoft Certified Technology Experts, CISCO Certified Network Associates, and similar positions.

3. Enterprise Application Development & Administration Program


Enterprise development is an education program designed for candidates aspiring to grow into outstanding software developers or simply software architects in the commercial off-the shelf (COTS) applications. Because it concentrates on enhancing standard enterprise applications, this application development program is much different from the regular application development which basically uses application development tools such as .Net or J2EE to development custom business applications. The enterprise application development program concentrates on training the candidate into becoming managers or team members in large-scale enterprise projects in software development. Students learn how to map the functionality of enterprise applications to client’s business processes and practices, measure gaps that may exist and try to close these gaps by customizing the COTS application to meet the needs of the customer.

This course takes students through the process of creating technical and functional specifications, application design, implementation, testing and rollout.

Students can choose from any of the following concentrations under this program:

  • Salesforce
  • CompTIA
  • Microsoft Office Productivity Tool