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Degree Programs

Pacific Institute of Technology offers Associate Degree programs in various areas of Information Technology. All PIT programs are structured towards meeting the information technology needs of diverse corporations in the field of database management, application development, administration and support. This objective is reflected in course outlines, learning outcomes and computer labs. All program objectives are reviewed yearly to ensure that they meet the needs of a changing corporate environment that moves along with the information processing needs of corporations.

Associate Degree Program:

Associate of Science in Information Systems (A.S.)

The Associate of Science degree program in Information Systems has been developed in response to a growing need for qualified personnel in the field of information systems. Thus, course offerings are intended for those with a specific interest in practical application of computer information in a business organization. This program is aimed at improving the qualifications of students seeking employment in many areas of the information technology field. The program offers a base upon which to build more specialized information technology training in preparation for middle management positions or technical positions in organizations.

With new advancements in information systems occurring every day, knowledgeable and experienced Information Systems professionals continue to be in high demand. Graduates of the Information Systems degree program can differentiate themselves from the workforce competition with a high degree of technical knowledge, hands-on experience right out of college, and industry-specific certifications from CompTIA®, Microsoft®, and Cisco®, Oracle®, and EMC®. These certifications enhance the graduate’s professional resume. Program graduates can sit for these certification examinations in the College’s Testing Center at no charge.

We offer the following concentrations under this program:

  • Oracle Database Management
  • SQL Server Database Management
  • CISCO Networking