Transfer Credit Policy

Credits or clock hours earned at another postsecondary institution  may be accepted on transfer provided that the following requirements are  met:

  • A request to transfer the credits or clock hours is made prior to starting studies at PIT.
  • The course or courses:
    - were earned at an institution accredited by a recognized accrediting agency;                         
    - are comparable in content and duration to those offered by PIT;                         
    - were completed within the last 5 years with a grade of “C” (70%) or higher.                     
  • An official transcript is sent directly to PIT from the institution where the transfer credits were earned.
  • Total  credits or clock hours transferred do not exceed 35% of the total  credits required to complete the PIT degree or certificate program.

Credit by Exam

Credit  by examination may be possible for applicants with prior knowledge and  experience in the IT courses in the degree or certificate program of  interest. Examination credit earned cannot exceed 35% of the total  credits needed for program  completion.                     


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